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Paying employees correctly and punctually are important aspects of the employer-employee relationship.  PlusBooks will work with you to find a solution fit for purpose and will take care of all your payroll concerns.

Payroll is becoming increasingly complicated with the recent legislation on auto enrolment and filling deadlines for HMRC. PlusBooks payroll service guarantees compliance and simplifies any administrative procedures including your auto enrolment obligations.

We can provide you with a low touch service where we simply provide reports with figures for you to pay, all the way up to processing HMRC, pensions and employee payments on your behalf, and everything in between.

Plusbooks Payroll
Plusbooks Payroll Legal

By using our payroll service, you will be able to ensure your pay is made in accordance with appropriate legislation, allowing you to focus on the running of your business.

One important benefit of using our payroll service means that you do not have to spend time training staff in payroll procedures which frees them for other productive duties. Using our service will save your business money as you will not need to invest into dedicated payroll software.

Recent changes in legislation mean you need to send HMRC at least a monthly record of what you have paid your staff. You will automatically incur fines if the submissions to HMRC are late. Using our payroll service will help overcome this potential issue.

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