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About PlusBooks

Plusbooks is an online bookkeeping service provider for customers who would like to access their up-to-date business accounts anywhere and at any time.

Our service is ideal for customers who are on the go, time-short and would like to have the option of managing their business remotely.

PlusBooks is a member of The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and is dedicated to providing an easy and transparent online service to its customers, from our sign up to our upload feature, from our memberships to our fees, freeing you of any unnecessary hassle and enabling you to focus on building your business. The ICB is the largest bookkeeping institute in the world, so you can trust that your books are in good hands.

We store your bookkeeping and accounting records securely in the cloud and is serviced to help run your business, from small to large, even more so if you have staff in different locations. The online software is easy to access and can be customised to your individual business requirements. In addition, your accounting data for your business is safe due to it being hosted on our secure servers and backed up in case of an emergency.

We offer three types of membership, Silver, Gold and Platinum membership, according to how little or large involvement you would like PlusBooks in managing your books for you. Please see Our Membership and Fees page for more information.

Plusbooks is proud to be partnered with several different software packages: Kashflow, Xero & Receipt Bank. Plusbooks has Gold Partnership with Kashflow, making it easy to set you up swiftly as a new customer. All our packages are all cloud hosted, so no matter what package you choose, you can always access your up-to-date books from anywhere with an internet connection, including your smartphone. As a new customer signing up to PlusBooks bookkeeping services, you will be quickly and smoothly set up on the software package of your choice.

If your bookkeeping services are already set up on another software package, we will make it easy to switch to us. We are also experts in Sage, QuickBooks, Freeagent and Exact accounting software, as well as those mentioned previously and we’re able to continue your bookkeeping on whichever software you prefer.

Plusbooks also provides Payroll and Auto-Enrolment services. We understand that people are the most important asset to any company and paying them correctly and punctually are significant aspects of the employer/employee relationship. Plusbooks works with clients to take care of all your payroll concerns.

Payroll is time consuming and sometimes a complex task. Plusbooks payroll service guarantees compliance and simplifies any administrative procedures, including your auto-enrolment obligations. Experience is important in making the right decisions and our Payroll manager has over a decade of payroll experience – leaving you and your payroll in safe hands.

Why not contact us to discuss your needs and let us take you through the process of how we can make your payroll worries a thing of the past.

PlusBooks. Keeping you in touch with your business.

The two main services of PlusBooks are PlusBooks Payroll and PlusBooks Bookkeeping.